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Euroferries Ferry Tickets - NEW SERVICE FOR 2010

Euroferries offer a ferry service between Ramsgate and Boulogne, using a 'state of the art 98m high speed ferry' and offering a journey time of just 75 minutes. In addition to the ferry, Euroferries also operate a bus service for passengers from London via Ramsgate, Canterbury and the Medway Towns. Euroferries is partner to the Fred Olsen Cruise Company.

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  Euroferries Express

Euroferries Ramsgate Boulogne Service Launch

Here is the first picture of the new, high speed cross channel ferry operated by Euroferries that takes passengers from Ramsgate to Boulogne from later this month. Services operate onboard Euroferries’ Bonanza Express and caters for cars, foot passengers, coaches and a limited number of lorries and caravans.

The vessel, a 96-metre Incat, makes four crossings a day between Ramsgate and the French port of Boulogne, with a crossing time of just 75 minutes. Euroferries’ passengers will be able to use onboard 'tax paid’ shops, as well as restaurants and an area designated for customers travelling first class.

About Euroferries Ferries - Latest Service Information and Port Details

Other than Euroferries, Trans Europa Ferries is currently the only company to operate out of Ramsgate, travelling to Oostende (Belgium), but this service doesn’t accommodate foot passengers, dealing mainly with freight along with some car traffic.

Boulogne has many restaurants, historical places of interest and the Nausicaa National Sea Experience Centre. Adjacent to the Euroferries Boulogne terminal is a newly built casino, along with a recently completed motorway link which provides fast access to the national motorway network through France.

The company plans will also run express coaches from the port of Ramsgate to key regional destinations including London, Canterbury and the Medway Towns. The coach service would also link the port directly to 2012 Olympic venues.

In a statement Euroferries, which runs the new service in partnership with the cruise ship operator Fred Olsen, said: “Our new base at Ramsgate will bring employment to the area and business to the local community.”

South Thanet MP Dr Stephen Ladyman said: “I’m delighted Euroferries have been able to put more information about their service in the public domain. By announcing that the scheme has the involvement of Fred Olsen, one of the most prestigious shipping lines in the world, and the leadership of Per Staehr, one of shippings most respected figures, I hope they have answered a lot of the questions people have been asking about the new service.”

"Having been closely involved with the team over several years and seen the work they have done in recent weeks I know it hasn’t been easy. That said, the Euroferries team have made excellent progress and they should be thanked for their efforts and commitment to Ramsgate and to this new ferry service.

“It will be a major boost for the area, especially the port of Ramsgate, and will really give the local economy a shot in the arm and I look forward to seeing the inaugural voyage.”

Euroferries has appointed a highly respected team of directors with a wealth a transport experience to head up its boardroom. Per Staehr, who previously worked for cargo giants Maersk Group and Bombardier, is joined by Geoffrey Ede, the former managing director of Hoverspeed. Paul Donert and Adrian Gillian also take up roles with Euroferries.

Euroferries Ports - Informations on the ports served by Euroferries, Ramsgate and Boulogne

Ramsgate Port - Used by Euroferries


Ramsgate Ferry Port - The Home of Euroferries

The Port of Ramsgate is situated in the South East corner of England with easy access to the North Sea and English Channel.  The road access is excellent with a dedicated access road and it is only 60 minutes from England’s arterial hub the M25.  London Manston airport is only 8 KM’s away and London Heathrow and London Gatwick are within 2 hours drive.

Currently 2 ferry companies run from the port of Ramsgate, Transeuropa Ferries and new ferry operator Euroferries.

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Boulogne Port - Euroferries French Port


Boulogne Ferry Port - The French Port of Call for Euroferries

Located just 200 metres from the town centre, the Port of Boulogne-sur-Mer offers exceptional accessibility to all shops, restaurants and tourist sites. As soon as the boat arrives, passengers are immediately in the centre of town.

The direct highway connection to the terminal exit allows people to discover the boulogne and montreuil countryside, and guarantees connection to the entire French highway network.

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Inside the Euroferries Bonanza Express


Euroferries Ferry - The Euroferries Bonanza Express

Bonanza Express is the second 96m long wavepiercer to be built at Incat's yard in Tasmania, Australia. The vessel was constructed at the builder's Prince of Wales Bay catamaran building facility near Hobart, and was the 27th wavepiercing catamaran passenger vehicle ferry to be built by the company. Bonanza Express is a near sister to Incat's first dedicated ro-ro passenger (ropax) fast ferry, the 96m Devil Cat, now renamed Top Cat.

Bonanza Express entered service in the Canary Islands off the north west African coast in April 1999. She was bought for operation by Lineas Fred Olsen and represented an investment of around $45 million, according to the operator. Fred Olsen who have now transferred the vessel to their new UK Euroferries service with the vessel susequntly being renamed Euroferries Bonanza Express.

The vessel has reduced transit times to just 75 minutes on the route between Ramsgate in England and Boulogne in Greece. Bonanza Express has an open foredeck and stern in keeping with its Car Ferry B categorisation. This ensures that the vehicle decks receive the required amount of ventilation. The vessel is able to accommodate a mix of light and heavy road freight, such as 24 trucks plus 85 cars, or a dozen freight vehicles and 180 cars.

The vessel is designed to carry a total of 755 passengers. Euroferries Bonanza Express features an enlarged 'skylounge' to accommodate the extra passengers, as well as the saloons, seating areas and bar. One of the vessel's prime features is the ability to transport light and heavy road vehicles at high speeds.


The Euroferries Bonanza Express on route to Ramsgate


It’s full steam ahead for Euroferries even though the November start date has been delayed. Positive news on booking enquiries confirms Euroferries belief that the Ramsgate Boulogne channel crossing will be a welcome addition to current services for those wanting a fast, efficient and cost effective service.

Euroferries is working with all relevant parties to provide both the local community and future customers with the quality of main stream travel service that they expect. Key benefits including free travel insurance and pre-boarding lounge facilities with tax free shopping and café add to the special experience promised to a Euroferries traveler.

Website bookings are being taken now for 2010 and new launch dates will be published as soon as possible.


Euroferries has regrettably had to delay its high speed cross channel service launch scheduled for the 14th November due to hampered final stage operations.

Euroferries apologises for any inconvenience caused to its customers and assures them that it is their foremost intention to resolve this matter swiftly allowing the service to commence.

All Euroferries bookings affected by this matter have the option of either receiving a full refund or alternatively receiving complimentary first class upgrades for an alternative date of travel.

Further announcements will be made shortly.


Thanet District Council Latest Press Release - Fast Ferry Deal for Ramsgate

A new fast ferry service, which will provide great travel links between Ramsgate and Boulogne, has been agreed between Thanet District Council and Euroferries.

The new cross channel passenger service ‘ Bonanza Express’, will see five daily crossings between the two ports and will be operated in conjunction with renowned fast ferry operator Fred Olsen. It will carry a combination of cars, foot passengers, coaches and a limited amount of freight and caravans to the continent and is expected to commence in September.

A second vessel is expected to join the service in 2010 to help increase passenger capacity.

The state of the art ferry will reach speeds of up to 38 knots and is expected to provide a rapid journey time of 75 minutes. Onboard the vessel, passengers will be treated to an extensive ‘tax paid’ shopping area, restaurants and first class designated area.

As part of this agreement it is also anticipated that this new service will provide two dedicated passenger terminals, one at Ramsgate and one at Boulogne, which are expected to include shopping areas, restaurant and waiting lounge facilities.

Deputy Leader of the council, Cllr Roger Latchford said: “We are delighted that Euroferries, working in partnership with Fred Olsen will be operating out of the Port of Ramsgate. The council has been working very hard to regenerate the area of Thanet, and this additional ferry service, which will operate from Ramsgate will provide much needed employment opportunities as well as greatly enhancing tourism prospects to the area. The quick crossing times and easy access into both ports will make this service an attractive alternative route into France and will really prove an invaluable part of the wider regeneration of the district. This is a great attraction for Thanet and we extend a warm welcome to Euroferries and wish them every success.”

Per Staehr Chairman of Euroferries said: “The signing of this Agreement with Thanet District Council enables us to look forward to building a long term relationship with the local community. Our new five crossing a day high speed service, will be focused on tourist traffic and takes full advantage of the new motorways both to Ramsgate and Boulogne along with the fast turn round terminal facilities within both Ports. This agreement permits us to shortly announce the release of the new web booking service, further details and the provision of our new commuter coach service between London's Stratford Hub and Ramsgate serving Canterbury and the Medway towns. Whilst, today is Thanet District Council's special occasion, we are delighted to attend and to welcome our partner Fred Olsen. The impending arrival of Bonanza Express, Incat 96m in its new Euroferries livery will provide the opportunity for Euroferries to welcome you when we will make further announcements."

Cllr Peter Campbell, deputy leader of the Labour Group in Thanet, welcomed the news that EuroFerries are to run a new ferry service from Ramsgate Port. "This is really good news for Ramsgate & Thanet. Our Labour Group supports an expanding and vibrant port, creating new jobs and boosting the local economy. May this service flourish".


EUROFERRIES has announced their Ramsgate to Boulogne high-speed ferry service will begin from the start of September. The firm has issued a press release stating its service will begin on September 1. However, as yet there is no information as to how to get tickets and the Port of Boulogne-sur-Mer is unable to confirm an agreement has been reached or a start date set.

Kent MP Steven Ladyman called the announcement “great news.” He said: “It has taken a lot of work by a lot of people to get the project this far so we now just have to keep our fingers crossed until September 1.”

According to Euroferries they will be starting five crossings a day with the 96m fast ferry Bonanza Express, in partnership with the Norwegian shipping company Fred Olsen. It will carry cars and coaches. Capable of 38 knots, the ship is able to cross in a time that competes favourably with using the Channel Tunnel, the firm says. They hope to add a second vessel to the route in the future.

Euroferries originally said they would launch at the end of March.


Euroferries has amended it's orginal plan of opening their fast ferry service between Ramsgate and the French port of Boulogne by March 31. The company’s website had previously announced that date and backed up the claim with a press notice that the service would initially be served by the 96 m fast Incat vessel Bonanza Express.

But now the website has been amended to say the service will commence imminently but giving no specific date.

Insiders believe the cross-Channel service from Ramsgate will now begin in May, possibly on May Day, when negotiations about berthing arrangements are finalised. Meanwhile, port officials at Ramsgate and Boulogne are keeping their fingers crossed because authorities, and traders, on both sides of the English Channel will welcome the venture



Euroferries are pleased to announce the commencement of its fast ferry cross channel service on 31st March 2009 with the introduction of its first vessel ‘Bonanza Express’ being operated in partnership with Fred Olsen.

Bonanza Express is a 96m fast Incat vessel, initially operating four crossings daily between Ramsgate and Boulogne.

The service will cater for cars, foot passengers, coaches and a limited amount of freight and caravans.

Per Staehr has been appointed Chairman and Director, Adrian Gillan has been appointed Director, Geoffrey Ede has been appointed Operations Executive and Paul Donert Company Secretary.

Euroferries base at Ramsgate will bring employment to the area and business to the local community.