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Here at Ferryprice.com you can book ferry tickets with all the major ferry operators making it is easy for you to compare and find the best prices and services possible. We offer nearly 800 routes from 60 ferry operators including P&O Ferries, Stena Line, Norfolkline Ferries, and Sea France.

Simply select your outward & return routes, then the number of passengers and click the get price button to get a price for your selected ferry journey and book online using our safe and secure booking facility.

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Whether you are looking to book a simple channel crossing from Dover to Calais or and Irish sea crossing or a more lengthily journey to either Holland, Spain, Ferryprice.com are sure to be able to offer you a choice of tickets at fantastic low rates. For details on all UK ferry services - Click Here

Popular Ferry Routes - To See All Ferry Routes - Click Here

Dover Calais Ferry Dover - Calais Ferry
Dover Dunkerque Ferry Dover - Dunkerque Ferry
Dover Boulogne Ferry Dover - Boulogne Ferry
Newcastle Amsterdam Ferry Newcastle - Amsterdam Ferry
Holyhead Dublin Ferry Holyhead - Dublin Ferry
Harwich Hook of Holland Ferry Harwich - Hook of Holland Ferry
Portsmouth Caen Ferry Portsmouth - Caen Ferry
Stranraer Belfast Ferry Stranraer - Belfast Ferry
Lymington Yarmouth Ferry Lymington - Yarmouth Ferry
Portsmouth Fishbourne Ferry Portsmouth - Fishbourne Ferry
Plymouth Santander Ferry Plymouth - Santander Ferry
Hull Zeebrugge Ferry Hull - Zeebrugge Ferry

Get a quote and book any European ferry route online at Ferry Price. We offer cheap ferry tickets for all ferry routes to and from the England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. You can also get great ferry prices for other routes between other European countries.

Popular Ferry Ports - To See All Ferry Ports - Click Here

Dover Ferry Port Dover - England
Liverpool Ferry Port Liverpool - England
Calais Ferry Port Calais - France
Amsterdam Ferry Port Amsterdam - Holland
Rosslare Ferry Port Rosslare - Ireland
Harwich Hook of Holland Ferry Zeebrugge - Belgium
Portsouth Ferry Port Portsmouth - England
Dublin Ferry Port Dublin - Ireland
Holyhead Ferry Port Holyhead - Wales
Yarmouth Ferry Port Yarmouth - Isle of Wight
Hull Ferry Port Hull - England
Stranraer Ferry Port Stranraer - Scotland
Aberdeen Ferry Port Aberdeen - Scotland
Belfast Ferry Port Belfast - Northern Ireland
Bilbao Ferry Port Bilbao - Spain
Douglas Ferry Port Douglas - Isle of Man
Jersey Ferry Port Jersey - Channel Islands
Guernsey Ferry Port Guernsey - Channel Islands

At Ferry Price you can book ferries from a choice of hundreds of Ports in the UK and Europe. As you would expect, we offer sailings to and from popular ports such as Dover and Dublin but we also go that step further and offer crossings all across Europe including inter-island crossings in countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy.

Ferry Price Ferries - Information on Services, Routes and Operators

Our most popular ferry routes here at Ferryprice.com are our English Channel Crossings. The English Channel, known in France as La Manche (the sleeve in English), is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates England from northern France and joins the North Sea to the Atlantic. It is about 350 miles long and varies in width from 150 miles at its widest to just 21 miles in the Strait of Dover.

The UK Ferry market is a busy one with a fantastic choice of ferry crossings operating in all areas of the UK to various destinations around Europe. The UK's busiest commercial ferry port is Dover. The port is is served by well known ferry operators, P&O Ferries and Sea France who both offer services to Calais. The port is also served by LD Lines (Dover - Boulogne & Dover - Dieppe) and Norfolkline (Dover - Dunkerque). With such a wide choice of ferry services available form Dover passengers can pick and choose the exact service for their needs at great low prices at Ferry Price.

As an alternative to a channel ferry why not try the Eurotunnel service operating from Folkestone to Calais. The Eurotunnel service uses the Channel tunnel to take you and your vehicle to france in less than 40 minutes. Simply drive on to the train, relax, and drive off at Calais for your onward journey in France.

With Ferry Price you can search all European Ferry operators you benefit from a huge range of choice. All this choice means you really can make great savings on your chosen ferry route. For the most popular routes there are a wide range of choices for your ferry journey. A good example of this is the Dover to Calais cross channel ferry route. A number of companies service this route and with each company offering up to 20 crossings a day you really are spoilt for choice. For the quickest possible crossing choose a speed ferry or if time is not an issue for you why not enjoy a more pleasurable crossing on one of the larger ferries with their many on-board services and amenities.

General European Ferry Information

The busiest seaway in the world, the English Channel, connects Great Britain and mainland Europe sailing mainly to French ports, such as Calais, Boulogne, Cherbourg-Octeville, Caen, St Malo and Le Havre. Ferries from Great Britain also sail to Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Spain and Ireland. Some ferries carry mainly tourist traffic, but most also carry freight, and some are exclusively for the use of freight lorries.

Large cruise ferries sail in the Baltic Sea between Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Estonia, and from Italy to Albania and Greece. In many ways, these ferries are like cruise ships, but they can also carry hundreds of cars on car decks. In Britain, car-carrying ferries are sometimes referred to as RORO (roll-on, roll-off) for the ease by which vehicles can board and leave.

Types of Ferry Available to Book through Ferryprice.com

Throughout Ferry Price you will find details of the types of ferries used by the by the various operators we use. Below you will find a brief explanation of the main ferry types but for a full explanation follow the link to the ferry type main page. Ferry designs depend on the length of the route, the passenger or vehicle capacity required, speed requirements and the water conditions the craft must deal with.

Full Explanation of Ferry Types - Click Here
For Information on Individual Ferries - Click Here
For Information on the Largest Ferries in Europe - Click Here

Catamaran Ferry Operated by Fred Olsen Express

Catamaran Ferry

Catamarans are normally associated with high-speed ferry services. Stena Line operates the largest catamarans in the world. These vessels, displacing 19,638 tonnes, are larger than most catamarans and can accommodate 375 passenger cars.

Sea France Ro-Ro Ferry

Ro-Ro Ferry

Roll-on/roll-off ferries (RORO) are large, conventional ferries named for the ease by which vehicles can board and leave. This is the most popular ferry used in Europe. Many large ferry companies use Ro-Ro Ferries including P&O, Stena Line, Sea France and Transmanche Ferries.

Color Line's huge Magic Cruiseferry

Cruise Ferry

A cruiseferry is a ship that combines the features of a cruise ship with a RoRo ferry. These are often used for long distance over-night journeys. Many of the long-haul European ferry journeys departing from Northern England use this type of ferry including some Northlink ferry services.

A Fast Ro-Pax Ferry

Fast Ro-Pax Ferry

Fast RoPax ferries are conventional ferries with a large garage intake and a relatively large passenger capacity, with conventional diesel propulsion and propellers that sail over 25 knots.