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To book your Brittany ferry ticket simply select your outward & return routes, then the number of passengers and click the get price button. You will then be taken to the date selection page where you can obtain your personalised ferry ticket quote.

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Brittany Ferries is a French ferry company that runs ships between England, France, Ireland and Spain. Brittany Ferries offer a wide range of cross channel ferry services offering passengers some excellent alternatives to the standard Dover Calais Channel Route. Brittany Ferries use ports that are full of character and charm. Many also have great links to major cities and attractions. To see English Ferry Routes Including Brittany Ferries - Click Here.

Brittany Ferries - Further Information on Services Routes, Ports & Vessels

Brittany Ferries Pont Aven

Brittany Ferries offer both standard and fastferry services. The standard ships are luxury cruise ferries, which means your holiday starts the minute you step on board the ship. The entertainment is varied and the food is French cuisine which of course has a great reputation. You can also shop in the many boutiques, eat in the high quality restaurants, drink in the chilled bars or simply relax in your cabin (Available at a supplement on longer journeys). The fast ferries make the routes highly accessable and cut journey times down drematically.

Brittany Ferries offer an outstanding and award-winning ferry service on a brilliant selection of ferry crossings on some of the longer cross channel ferry routes between the UK and North West France and Spain.

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Brittany Ferries Routes


Sail from Plymouth to the charming port of Roscoff is ideally situated for exploring all parts of Brittany including the Pink Granite Coast, Quimper and the popular resorts of Bénodet and Concarneau. Fast roads take you quickly on to Western Loire, the Dordogne and the delights of France's Atlantic coast. Brittany Ferries' luxury flagship, Pont-Aven, operates on some crossings.


Sailing on board Brittany Ferries flagship, Pont-Aven or the Bretagne, you'll arrive in the cosmopolitan city of Santander completely relaxed. With its glorious beaches and dramatic mountains you may be tempted to stay and discover more of Spain. On the other hand, an impressive road network means that Madrid, the Costas, Portugal and the south of France are all easily accessible too.


Brittany Ferries operate the Pont-Aven and the Cap Finistere on services between Portsmouth and Santander. As a result of the redeployment of the Pont-Aven the Plymouth-Santander service will be operated by the Bretagne.
*Note new route not on map.

  Brittany Ferry Routes


You have the choice of a high speed service on board one of Brittany Ferries fast catamaran ferries. Alternatively a standard cruise ferry service also operates this route.

Portsmouth-St Malo

With a huge sandy beach and ancient walled city, St Malo is a delightful place to visit in its own right. It is also wonderfully located for travelling quickly on to all parts of Brittany and Normandy, plus the popular holiday destinations of the Atlantic coast, the Loire and the Dordogne.


The shortest crossing offered by Brittany Ferries. You have the choice of a high speed service on board one of Brittany Ferries fast catamaran ferries. Alternatively a standard cruise ferry service also operates this route. From Cherbourg Brittany and the Loire are easily accessable.


Sail from Cork to Roscoff and enjoy great links and roads to the Western Loire, the Dordogne and the Atlantic coast of France. Our luxury flagship. All crossings on this route are on Brittany Ferries flagship MV Pont Aven.


With Brittany's high speed service you can zip across to Cherbourg in just 3 hours from March to October. At other times the route is maintained by a classic cruise ferry.

Brittany Ferries began operating on this route in 2004 using the Bretagne and Val de Loire in direct competition with the P&O Ferries service. Following P&O's withdrawal from the route Brittany Ferries introduced the Normandie Express to operate during the summer season with a conventional service for the rest of the year. The route became a seasonal service after the end of the 2006 summer season with the service recommencing on 23 March 2007 and closing again on 29 October 2007. A limited conventional service for freight was provided by the Coutances to reposition the ship from Portsmouth to Poole once a week between the end of November 2007 and 1 May 2008. Regular passenger services resumed on 13 March 2008 and run until 26 October 2008. On some previous occasions services have run between Plymouth and St Malo and Cherbourg. Brittany Ferries newest vessel the Cap Finistere also operates on this route.

The Brittany Ferries Fleet

The M/V Armorique

The M/V Armorique is a passenger and freight ferry built in 2009 by Aker Finnyards in Finland at a cost of £81 million Replaceing the MV Pont L'Abbé. Armorique is named after a national park of outstanding beauty in western Brittany. Armorique was also the name of a previous Brittany Ferries vessel purchased for service between Portsmouth and St Malo in 1975 and sold in 1993.

The M/V Barfleur

The M/V Barfleur was built at Masa Yards in Finland for Brittany Ferries subsidiary Truckline and entered service in 1992. In 1999 she was repainted in Brittany Ferries standard livery. She sails under the French flag and is registered in Cherbourg. As of April 2008, Barfleur is the only ship to retain the 1983-2002 version of the Brittany Ferries logo and livery.

The M/V Bretagne

The M/V Bretagne was built at Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France and has been sailing for Brittany Ferries since 1989. She was Brittany Ferries flagship until the arrival of the MV Val de Loire in 1993. Though generally found on the Portsmouth-St Malo route Bretagne will also operate on other routes, normally in Winter, such as Portsmouth-Cherbourg and Plymouth-Roscoff.

The M/V Cap Finistere

Brittany Ferries Cap Finistère is the newest member of the Brittany Ferries fleet entering service on the Portsmouth to Santander and the Portsmouth to Cherbourg routes. The vessel, built in 2001, was previously named 'Superfast V' and operated for Superfast Ferries. Brittany Ferries Cap Finistère Offers Friday and Tuesday return sailings from Portsmouth to Santander, as well as three return sailings from Portsmouth to Cherbourg.

The MV Mont St Michel

The MV Mont St Michel was built at Van der Giessen de Noord shipyard in the Netherlands and has been sailing for Brittany Ferries since 2002. The Mont St Michel was to have been called the Deauville or the Honfleur but this was thought to be too similar to Barfleur. Early artist impressions of the ship carried the name Normandie 2. The internal layout of the Mont St Michel is based on the MV Normandie, which also operates on the Portsmouth–Caen (Ouistreham) route.

MV Normandie

MV Normandie was built at Kvaener Masa Yards in Finland and has been sailing for Brittany Ferries since 1992. Normandie rarely strays from the route for which she was built however, she has operated between Portsmouth and Cherbourg on a number of sailings, mostly for Christmas and New Year lay overs but also in 1994 to transport the Tour de France back to its home country after a leg in the United Kingdom.

M/V Pont-Aven

M/V Pont-Aven is a cruiseferry operated by Brittany Ferries. She was built at Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany and has been sailing for Brittany Ferries since March 2004. She is the current Brittany Ferries flagship. Prior to being named the Pont-Aven was referred to as Bretagne 2, this is now the codename for the new Brittany Ferries vessel for Plymouth–Roscoff.

The HSC Normandie Express

The HSC Normandie Express is a fast catamaran ferry owned and operated by Brittany Ferries. Since being built in 2000, the vessel has been bore the names Incat Tasmania and The Lynx.

HSC Normandie Vitesse

Formerly known as Brittany Ferries Condor Vitesse also known as Condor Vitesse, in use since 2001. Condor Vitesse is the vessel's official name.

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries History

1970s and 1980s - Foundation of Brittany Ferries

Following the provision of the deep-water port at Roscoff, the company was founded in January 1973 at the instigation of Alexis Gourvennec, when existing ferry companies showed reluctance in providing a service from Roscoff to Plymouth. The company began sailings between Roscoff in Brittany and Plymouth in the South West of England using the freight ferry Kerisnel. The primary aim of the company at that time was to provide a service to Brittany's cauliflower and artichoke farmers giving them easier access to the British market. The company expanded into the passenger market in summer 1973 when they chartered the passenger only ferry Poseidon from Stena Line for the season. Kerisnel was replaced in 1974 by Penn-Ar-Bed which also carried passengers and their vehicles. Such was the success of the Plymouth-Roscoff service a larger ship, the Cornouailles, was ordered and entered service in 1977. New routes were introduced throughout the 1970s, and the company continued to grow. The Saint-Malo, Santander and Cork routes were operated by the Armorique and Prince of Brittany. In the early 1980s a second ship was chartered for the Saint-Malo route. The Goelo was an attractive-looking vessel, but left the fleet in preparation for the new ship to be introduced in 1982. The Quiberon replaced the Armorique on the Santander and Cork services, allowing her to operate alongside the Prince of Brittany on the Saint-Malo route. The Cornouailles maintained the original Roscoff route.

The Benodet operated Plymouth-Roscoff for just one year before being used as part of Brittany Ferries' new venture, Channel Island Ferries. The Tregastel replaced her and continued on the route until 1989. In 1985 Brittany Ferries further expanded by buying Truckline, which operated freight-only ships Coutances and Purbeck between Poole (UK) and Cherbourg (France).

In 1986, Brittany Ferries introduced the Duc De Normandie, which operated a new route between the increasingly popular port of Portsmouth and Caen. The former Roscoff ship Cornouailles was transferred to the Truckline Ferries route from Poole to Cherbourg, introducing passenger services on this route. This service was also very successful and new ships were introduced over the next few years. Meanwhile, a second (chartered) ship, the Gotland was installed on the Caen service in 1988, as well as a new Truckline vessel, the Normandie Shipper in 1989.

In 1989 the cruise ferry Bretagne was introduced on the Santander and Cork routes. She displaced the Quiberon, which transferred to the Roscoff route. Tregastel replaced Cornouailles on the Poole-Cherbourg Truckline Ferries passenger route along with Corbiere (formerly the Benodet who had been transferred to Channel Island Ferries). Cornouailles was sold to British Channel Island Ferries and was renamed Havelet. A second-hand purchase was introduced on the St Malo route, the Duchesse Anne. which was to run alongside the Armorique. This allowed the Prince of Brittany to be transferred to the Caen route under its new name the Reine Mathilde.


At the end of 1991, the Reine Mathilde left the fleet ready for the introduction of the new cruise ferry the Normandie on the Caen route. The Corbiere and Tregastel also stepped down in preparation for the new Truckline Ferries ship, the Barfleur. During 1992, the Truckline freight vessel, Purbeck, and the St Malo ship Armorique both stepped down.

In 1993, the final new ship of the 1990s was introduced. The Val de Loire was purchased from TT-Line and partially rebuilt for service on the Santander and Cork routes. The vessel replaced the Bretagne which transferred to the St Malo route, allowing the Duchesse Anne to operate new services between Poole, St Malo, Cork, Roscoff and Plymouth. Following further financial difficulties in the mid 1990s, these new routes were ended and the Duchesse Anne left the fleet. The Normandie Shipper was also sold, but the ex-Truckline vessel Purbeck was later chartered back by the company for use on various routes, primarily Portsmouth-Caen. In 1999, the Barfleur was repainted in Brittany Ferries colours, ending the Truckline Ferries tradition on the route.


In 2001 a new fast ferry service operated between Poole and Cherbourg in partnership with Condor Ferries. The Normandie Vitesse operated the service in just over two hours. In 2002, a new ship, the Mont St Michel, was due to enter service between Portsmouth and Caen. The Duc De Normandie was transferred to the Roscoff route in July, whilst the Quiberon was sent to Caen to cover until the new ship arrived. The Mont St Michel was delayed until December however. The Quiberon spent the remainder of the year on the busiest Brittany Ferries route. She had been with the company for almost 21 years when she was sold in 2003. In 2004, another new ship, the Pont-Aven, was introduced on the Santander & Cork routes. She could travel much faster than the rest of the fleet, cutting journey times by a quarter. This allowed the Val de Loire to join the Bretagne on the St Malo route. Both ships also provided a new mid-week link to Cherbourg from Portsmouth.

In late 2004, the Duc De Normandie was withdrawn from the fleet. The Bretagne was transferred to the Roscoff route, leaving the Val de Loire at St Malo. The Coutances was also earmarked for disposal, but then a change of heart saw her being refitted, losing her Truckline livery in favour of the new Brittany Ferries logo.

More changes occurred in 2005 with the withdrawal of P&O's French routes from Portsmouth. A new fast craft, the Normandie Express was chartered to operate between Portsmouth and Cherbourg and Caen. In addition, the Poole-Cherbourg ship Barfleur was redeployed to operate a triangular service between Portsmouth, Poole and Cherbourg. A new ship has been announced, in part a replacement for the Coutances. The ship will be named the Cotentin. Purbeck was to have returned from operating in New Zealand and cover the Portsmouth-Cherbourg link but this plan has been dropped. Barfleur returned to the Poole-Cherbourg link in November 2005.

The former flagship of the fleet (from 1993 until the arrival of the Mont St Michel) Val de Loire left the fleet in February 2006, having been sold to DFDS and renamed King of Scandinavia. In the meantime, Brittany Ferries have taken a 2 year charter of the DFDS ship Duke of Scandinavia, which will be renamed Pont-L'Abbé and run on the Plymouth-Roscoff route. The Bretagne will return to the Portsmouth-St Malo route. Brittany Ferries have also announced a new build for the Plymouth-Roscoff route, to be launched early 2008. In February 2006 the Normandie Express was brought under the French flag, she was later purchased by the company in early 2007. Brittany Ferries latest ship, the Cotentin, entered service on 26 November 2007 with the 23:45 Cherbourg-Poole service. It was announced on 19 December 2007 that the company had purchased the Pont-L'Abbé from DFDS . On 1 May 2008 MV Coutances completed her last sailing for the company - having been with Truckline for 30 years and with Brittany Ferries since 1985.

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