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To book your P&O ferry ticket simply select your outward & return routes, then the number of passengers and click the get price button. You will then be taken to the date selection page where you can obtain your personalised ferry ticket quote.

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P&O Ferries is one of the largest ferry operators in Europe with a comprehensive network of routes including the famous Dover - Calais Channel Crossing. Take the ferry to Belgium or Holland via Zeebrugge or Rotterdam from Hull and experience the easy, stress-free way of arriving on the continent from the North of England. If you're wishing to travel to Spain then look no further than the P&O Ferries Portsmouth - Bilbao service.
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P&O Ferries - Information on PO Ferries Services, Routes and Vessels

P&O Ferries operate the most popular English Ferry route between Dover and the French Port of Calais

All P&O ferry crossings take you to the gateways of Europe with easy motorway access for any onward journey you may have planned. P&O Ferries is one of the largest ferry operators in Europe with a comprehensive network of routes. All P&O ferry crossings take you to the gateways of Europe with easy motorway access for any onward journey you may have planned.

P&O Ferries (formerly P&O European Ferries) is a constituent company of DP World (which took over its parent company, the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) in March 2006). P&O Ferries is registered in Dover, Kent. P&O Ferries also operates a number of routes in the Irish Sea under the name P&O Irish Sea.

With a choice of crossings throughout the day, P&O Ferries Dover to Calais ferry service really is the most flexible and convenient way to cross the channel, all year round.

P&O Irish Sea is a constituent company of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O). This sector of P&O is registered as based in Dover, Kent. P&O also operate a number of routes in the English Channel and North Sea and trade under the name P&O Ferries. For further information on P&O Irish Sea - Click Here

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P&O Ferry Routes

Dover – Calais
Portsmouth – Bilbao
Hull – Rotterdam
Hull – Zeebrugge
Larne - Cairnryan (P&O Irish Sea - Not shown on Map)
Larne - Troon (P&O Irish Sea - Not shown on Map)
Dublin - Liverpool (P&O Irish Sea - Not shown on Map)

P&O Ferries - Dover – Calais
(30+ Sailings Daily. Average Duration = 1Hr 25mins)

P&O Ferries currently operates a fleet of 5 multi-purpose passenger ferries and a freight only vessel. Pride of Dover and Pride of Calais, were originally ordered by Townsend Thoresen as purpose built vessels for the Dover – Calais route. Following the purchase of Townsend Thoresen during construction, they were delivered to P&O European Ferries in 1987 and began operating soon after. They were built by Schichau Unterweser in Bremen-Vegesack, Germany.

P&O Routes (Exxcluding Irish Sea)

Pride of Burgundy, Pride of Canterbury and Pride of Kent were originally ordered as three of four freight carriers for the Dover – Zeebrugge route as European Causeway, European Pathway and European Highway. The Pride of Burgundy was converted mid-construction and entered service in 1993. The European Pathway, European Highway and the fourth ship, the European Seaway were completed and entered service with the Dover – Zeebrugge route. Following the closure of the Dover – Zeebrugge route in 2002, European Pathway and European Highway returned to their builders and converted to full passenger mode, eventually re-entering service as the Pride of Canterbury and the Pride of Kent. The fourth, European Seaway was transferred to the Dover – Calais route in early 2005 where she still operates as a freight-only replacement to Pride of Provence.

P&O North Sea - Hull – Rotterdam - Click Here
(1 Sailing Per Day. Average Duration = 11hrs)

Previously known as P&O North Sea Ferries, and before as North Sea Ferries, the Kingston upon Hull to Rotterdam route is taken by P&O's flagships of the ferry fleet, sister ships Pride of Hull and Pride of Rotterdam. Before, it was ran by Norsea and Norsun (before then Norland and Norstar and before then, Norwind and Norwave). Both ships were built in Venice, Italy by Fincantieri's Marghera Shipbuilders, and were delivered to P&O in 2001. Both ships took 14 months to build, have an overall length of 215.1m, a gross tonnage of 59,925t, displacement tonnage of 25,113t and have a service speed of 22 knots. In terms of gross tonnage, these sister ships were the biggest passenger ferries in the world but this title is now held by the 75,027t Color Fantasy, they are however still the largest passenger ferries to operate from the United Kingdom. Pride of Rotterdam was launched by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands on April 25th 2001. Pride of Hull was named on November 30, 2001 by the British prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair.

P&O North Sea - Hull – Zeebrugge - Click Here
(3 Sailings per day. Average Duration = 2hrs 25mins)

Also previously known as P&O North Sea Ferries, and before as North Sea Ferries, this route is taken by two older ships, Pride of York (formerly Norsea) and Pride of Bruges (formerly Norsun). This route usually inherits stock transferred from the Hull-Rotterdam route.

Norsun was built in 1987 by NKK, Tsurumi, Japan, for North Sea Ferries. She entered service between Hull-Rotterdam, but following internal rebuilding, transferred to the Hull-Zeebrugge service in 2001 (after Pride of Hull and Pride of Rotterdam entered service), receiving P&O Ferries livery at the same time. In 2003 Norsun was renamed Pride of Bruges, and received the revised P&O colours, along with Pride of York.

P&O Ferries - Portsmouth – Bilbao - Click Here
(2 Sailings a week. Average Duration = 29hrs)

Pride of Bilbao, an archetypical cruiseferry. Built for Viking Line and now operated by P&O Ferries between Portsmouth in the UK and Bilbao in Spain.The Bilbao route was launched in 1993 using the Pride of Bilbao (formerly Olympia). It is the only surviving P&O route out of Portsmouth.

Pride of Bilbao was probably the biggest vessel in Cherbourg at the time of her Cabaret Cruises. She has more than double the capacity of the unconverted Viking twins previously sold.

P&O Irish Sea - Liverpool - Dublin - Click Here
(1 Sailing per day. Average Duration = 8hrs)

P&O Ferries - Portsmouth – Cherbourg - Click Here
Now Operated by Brittany Ferries

Following the announcement of the 2004 P&O Ferries business review, the Portsmouth - Cherbourg fastcat service ceased operation in October 2004 and the ferry route closed in January 2005. It is consequently now run solely by P&O's rival company Brittany Ferries.

To got o the Brittany Ferries Page - Click Here

Portsmouth – Le Havre - Click Here
Now Operated by LD Lines

P&O Ferries closed its route to Le Havre in late September 2005. Pride of Portsmouth (formerly Olau Britannia) and Pride of Le Havre (ex Olau Hollandia) were laid up in Falmouth until January 2006 when they left for their new owners SNAV in Italy. The were renamed SNAV Lazio and SNAV Sardegna respectively and now operate from Civitavecchia to Palermo, in Sicily.

LD Lines now operates a one-ship service from Portsmouth to Le Havre with the ferry Norman Spirit, formerly P&O's Pride of Aquitaine (ex PO Aquitaine, P&OSL Aquitaine, Stena Royal and Prins

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P&O Ferries Fleet

The Pride of Dover - Pride of Dover primarily operates the Dover–Calais route but on a number of occasions has made crossings between Dover and Zeebrugge as a result of industrial action in France. The industry generally regards Pride Of Dover and her sister Pride Of Calais as the most successful ferries ever built for English channel service.

Pride of Dover will leave service in either 2010 or 2011 to be replaced by one of two new ferries ordered by P&O Ferries, both of which will have a bigger capacity and almost double the amount of tonnage, at 49,000 tonnes, making them the largest ferries to ever cross the channel.

The P&O Pride of Calais - The Pride of Calais is a cross-channel ferry operated by P&O Ferries. She was built by Townsend Thoresen in 1987, and launched on the 11th of April of that same year, as the sister ship to the Pride of Dover. She can carry 650 cars and 2290 passengers. she has always served on the Dover-Calais route, but during French blockades she has sailed to Zeebrugge.

The P&O Pride of Burgundy - The Pride of Burgundy is a cross-channel ferry operated by P&O Ferries. She started life as the nearly-built European Causeway but her design was changed seriously (half of deck 7 is still cabins). She is one of the smallest Dover – Calais ferries, only taking 1,420 passengers and 600 cars.

The P&O Pride of Kent - The ship Pride of Kent is a cross-channel ferry operated by P&O Ferries, generally on the Dover to Calais service. It is the current 'flagship' of the P&O Dover-based fleet. She is the second ship to bear the name—the Spirit of Free Enterprise was renamed Pride of Kent in 1987 (later P&OSL Kent in 1998) and continued to sail the Dover-Calais route until 2003.

The P&O Pride of Canterbury - Pride of Canterbury is a cross-channel ferry operated by P&O Ferries. Like her sisters, European Seaway, Pride of Burgundy & Pride of Kent, Pride of Canterbury was also built in the early 1990s (launched 1992) as European Pathway. Between 1992 and 2002 she sailed between Dover and Zeebrugge. She was converted in the winter of 2002/spring 2003 and re-entered service as Pride of Canterbury (replacing the ageing P&OSL Canterbury).She currently sails from Dover to Calais.

The P&O European Seaway - The European Seaway is a cross-channel ferry operated by P&O Ferries. She was the first of four freight ferries ordered by P&O European Ferries for the Dover-Zeebrugge route. She remained on the Dover – Zeebrugge route until 2000 when she alternated between the Calais and Zeebrugge routes. In 2003 she was moved to Dover – Calais full time after the Zeebrugge route closed but was laid up in 2004 returning to the route in 2005.

The P&O Pride of Bilbao - As of 1994, Pride of Bilbao has been registered in Portsmouth. In 2002 she received a major refurbishment, during which the vast majority of public spaces were updated and brought in line with P&O Ferries' new corporate branding of onboard facilities, as well as updating her livery. In addition to this, all Club Cabins and Suites received new carpets and textiles as well as having their en-suites remodelled and refurbished.

The P&O Pride of Rotterdam - The Pride of Rotterdam (along with her sister ship Pride of Hull) is the P&O Ferries flagship of the fleet and is one of the world's largest cruiseferries. Working alternately each ferry departs at 9pm each evening and makes a 12 hour night time crossing of the North Sea working the route between the ports of Hull (East Riding of Yorkshire, England) and Europort in Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland, Netherlands). The construction of the cruiseferry was carried out at Fincantieri's Marghera yard in Venice.

The P&O Pride of Hull - Joint Flagship of P&O Ferries with the Pride of Rotterdam, Pride of Hull took less than 14 months to build. Pride of Hull sails the smae route from Hull in England to Rotterdam in in the Netherlands.

The Pride of York - The mv Pride of York was built as the mv Norsea for North Sea Ferries for use on their Hull to Rotterdam route. The vessel was built as the Rotterdam route had built up trade to the point where the 1974 mv Norland and mv Norstar were operating to capacity. Pride of York now operates on the Hull to Zeebrugge route replacing the 27 year old war veteran mv Norland.

The Pride of Bruges - The pride of Bruges operates on the same route of Hull - Zeebrugge as the Pride of York. The Pride of Bruges was originally called mv Norsun for North Sea Ferries.

P and O Pride of Rotterdam

P&O Ferries - Related and Alternative Ferry Companies

Sea France offer an alternative service to P and O's Dover Calais Route Norfolkline Irish Sea Ferries Brittany Ferries offer a direct service from Portsmouth to Spain like P and O P&O Irish Sea